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Benefits of Life Insurance policy

There are many profits of availing of life insurance policies, we are free form all money related problem of future time. The benefits are:

1.Life Risk Cover:

Life insurance policy cover you and your family high life risk from bad fortune. It will provides you risk coverage guarantee in case of uncertain event and protect your family from financial crisis.

2.Death Benefits:

Taking a life insurance policy protect you and your families future in case of any uncertain event. If you are insured then the insurance company pays your family a sum insured plus the bonus to dispossession family.

3.Return on Investment:

: Life insurance schemes provides better investment alternatives as compared to other investment schemes. Mostly all the life insurance policies/schemes offers bonuses, with your deposits amount that other investment schemes can not offers.

The money invested in life insurance are risk coverage and safe. The money invested in this scheme will get good return and will be fully returned as when

The term is completed or after happening of any uncertain event/accident. In life insurance schemes your money will be returned and paid back.

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Types of Insurance Policies
Term Plan – pure risk cover Unit linked insurance plan (ULIP) – Insurance + Investment opportunity Endowment Plan – Insurance + Savings Money Back – Periodic returns with insurance cover Whole Life Insurance – Life coverage to the life assured for whole life.
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Types of Insurance policies in India
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Faq / Frequently asked questions
What should I look for before I decide to buy a policy?

Before buying a Policy, you must check and read all the terms and conditions. You must check, the schemes you want to invest are guaranteed or not. In other word, we can say that the insurance policy you want to invest are guaranteed or not, its lock in period, details of premium, what would be the condition of premium, its charges, would loan available or not.
Category Name: Conventional Life Insurance

What are the requirements to be submitted in case of a Maturity Claim?

Generally the Insurance Company will send a discharge voucher attaching a statement to the policy holder at least 2 to 3 months in advance of the date of maturity of the policy a statement of the claim amount payable. For making the payment of your policy, you should return the policy bond and the discharge voucher duly signed and witnessed are to be returned to the insurance company immediately. Then you should be eligible for claiming the policy amount. If the policy is transferred to any other person the claim amount will be paid only to that particular person.
Category Name : Conventional Life Insurance