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How would you choose stock for your portfolio?

Presently, there are many options available in that situation picking the right stock for your portfolio can be a challenge. The basic rule is that while buying a stock you should need to keep a financial goal in your mind. There are many stocks in the market who are growing, and some are dividend oriented. The logical and typical step is that how I invest in that situation.

The most genuine rule is that you should look at the companies income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet, management’s future planning, debt figures, etc. once you analyse the fact and data. If the EPS (earing per share) is good, it means the company is making good profits on a pre-share basis. You can also conduct a technical analysis using the tools and charts available online.

What does the SEBI do?

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is control and regulate the securities market in India by implementing rules and regulation. The investment market needs to be regulated by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). SEBI regulate the stock market so that investors, issuers and intermediaries like stockbrokers are protect by skimming and fraudulent transaction.

SEBI helps in the prevention of skimming and fraudulent transaction through self-regulating of business and statutory regulations. It frames a code of conduct which is fallowed by bankers, underwriters, etc. It will frames and approves by-laws of the stock exchange and amendment them, if necessary. SEBI inspects the books of accounts of financial intermediaries and stock exchanges. It checks pricing skimming and rigging and prohibits all the insider trading. It also educate the investors so they can evaluate and buy profitable securities.

Where do I find stock-related information?

You will find all the stock related information on the broker’s trading site. The broker’s trading site also provide you real time information of stock market. It will contain latest trading stocks in the market and its market position. The online interface also display well performing stocks, information of its gross profit and loss, dividends a list of top-performing stocks etc.

Moreover, you will also find stock information of your buying/selling transactions on the broker’s trading site. Finally, we can say that broker’s trading site is just like a research and analysis tool, that help you for building your future in the field of finance.

What is a mutual fund?

A Mutual fund is a trust that pools the funds of the investors, who have a common goal that is to generate higher return. It is like a vehicle that provides a safety and security of money of the investor and give him assurance that there money is safe from other investment portfolio. The income generated by mutual fund are shared to investor (Unit-holders) in proportion to the number of units held by them.

Why should you invest in a Mutual Fund?

Investor who do not have time and experience of investment portfolio. They shall not be able to made a good investment. So mutual fund is best investment vehicle for them, a mutual fund offers an opportunity to investor to invest in a professionally managed mutual fund securities.